General Information and Policies

Locally known as the Village Hall, Shackleford Village Hall is part of the The Shackleford Centre, which comprises three separate but linked buildings each with independent access:

  • A traditional Village Hall – The Pilkington Room and adjoining facilities
  • Acorns Nursery – The Brigstocke Room
  • The Cottage – A residential property

The Centre is a limited company and a registered charity run by elected members who are directors of the company and trustees of the charity. Residents of the local community are entitled to be members of the company and to vote on resolutions put forward at general meetings.

The primary object of the charity is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Parish of Shackleford…and the neighbourhood. For more information see:

General Meetings

General Meetings are held at the discretion of the Trustees but at least once every 2 years. Members will be notified by email and formal Notice of the meeting and resolutions for consideration by the Members will be available via the website at least 1 month before the scheduled date.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is of prime importance to all users of the hall. Key documents can be found in this section.


It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and protect them from harm.

Licensed Activities

The Village Hall has a Premises Licence that permits certain types of entertainment on specific days of the week and at specific times. If you intend to include one or more of the following activities please check the Premises Licence for the permitted days and times:

  • Performance of a play
  • Exhibition of films
  • Performance of live music
  • Any playing of recorded music
  • Performance of dance