The Shackleford Centre – Application for Membership

Residents of the Parish of Shackleford and the neighbourhood, the area of benefit, are entitled to be members of The Shackleford Centre. The liability of members is limited. There are two main implications of membership:

  • Members are entitled to attend Annual General Meetings and vote in such matters as the election of Directors and Trustees and amendments to the constitution of the Centre.
  • If the Charity is dissolved then every member promises to pay a sum, not exceeding £10, towards payment of any outstanding debts or liabilities.

Full details of the eligibility and terms of membership can be found in the Memorandum and Articles in the General information section of this website.

You do not need to be a member to hire the Hall.

Please submit this form either:

In accordance with The Memorandum and Articles of Association I wish to become a Member of The Shackleford Centre, a Charitable Company limited by Guarantee No 6893916 and Registered as a Charity in England and Wales No 1130784 . I understand there is no fee or subscription payable.

I understand that only registered Members of the Shackleford Centre are eligible to vote at Annual
General Meetings, and I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.

Your Name (*):

Postal Address (*):

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Email Address:

Please note that the email address may be used to post Notices of Meetings. If you do not have an email address available to you, please be aware that Notices will also be placed on our website and other media.

We would like to keep you informed about what we do, Dates of AGMs, any projects we are considering or launching. and any other ways you can support our work...

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We will never sell, transfer, or in any way pass on your details to any other person or organisation not involved in the Governance of the Shackleford Centre.