Please complete the Hire Agreement only if you have received confirmation of your Booking Enquiry. Please make payment as soon as possible to confirm your booking. We may release your booking if we do not receive payment within ONE WEEK of the Hire Agreement being received. Remember to allow extra time if paying by cheque. Cheques can be posted or put directly in the white post-box at the Centre. Thank you.



In consideration of the hire fee described in section 1.4, the Shackleford Centre permits the Hirer to use the premises described in section 1.2 for the purpose described in section 1.5 for the period(s) described in section 1.1. The details provided in this section and sections 1.1. to 1.6 and the responses to the questions in section 2 and the Covid-19 Guidelines are terms to this agreement. The Hire Agreement includes the Conditions of Hire and the Safeguarding Policy. These documents are available on the website or by request.

Further Information:
Conditions of Hire and
Hirer's guide


Date of event or start date of a repeat booking:

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AM: Morning (09:00-13:00) / PM: Afternoon (14:00-18:00) / EVE: Evening (19:00-23:00)


Please note that the Hall is NOT available on Sunday evenings.

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Repeat bookings are valid for up to one year from 1st September to 31st August

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1.2 The Shackleford Centre

Shackleford Village Hall
Shackleford Road

The hire covers the use of: The Pilkington Hall and immediate facilities. Immediate facilities specifically excludes the use of Acorns Nursery (Brigstocke Room) and the Nursery Garden.

Kitchen Equipment YESNO
Use of the kitchen space and small appliances, kettle and fridge, are included in the standard hire fee.
Use of major appliances, all oven and cooking equipment, dishwasher, hot water urn,crockery and utensils are at an additional charge.

Audio Visual (AV) Equipment YESNO
Use of the sound system via wireless link is included in the standard fee.
Use of the full AV system, including radio mics and projector is at an additional charge.

Please refer to the website for charging information and the Hirer's Guide for use of the wireless sound system.

1.3 Hirer: Name, address and contact details


Full Address & Postcode:

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1.4 Hire Fee Payable in ADVANCE

Fees are set out on the website or as agreed with the Trustees. Please make payment by electronic transfer if possible, otherwise by cheque to The Shackleford Centre as above.


Please use the BOOKING NAME or EVENT DATE as YOUR REFERENCE, so that we can match the payment with the booking.

1.5 Purpose/description of hire

2. The Hirer Agrees to Comply with the Terms of The Shackleford Centre Premises Licence authorising the following regulated entertainment and licensable activities:

  • Performance of a play
  • Performance of live music
  • Performance of dance
  • Playing of recorded music

At the following times:
Friday and Saturday from 5:30 pm to Midnight.
The playing of recorded music is also licensed on Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
No other regulated or licensable activities are permitted.
The Centre does not have a licence with the Performing Right Society for the performance of copyright music.

Please note that evening events must finish by 11:00 pm.

2.1 The Hirer Agrees to Obtain a 'Temporary Event Notice' (TEN) if Required

If you intend to sell alcohol, including where the cost of the alcoholic drink is included in the entry price for the event, or with the cost of the food, or provide regulated entertainment, or provide hot food or drink, after 11 pm or before 5 am, then authorisation is required.
You will need to obtain a Temporary Event Notice from the local licensing authority (Guildford Borough Council):

2.2 The hirer agrees not to exceed the maximum permitted number of persons at an event.

The Pilkington Hall

Maximum dining (80)
Maximum 10 tables / 8 persons per table

Buffet or seating only
Buffet tables only. Maximum 100 persons

2.3 The Hirer agrees:

To advise the management committee if they obtain a TEN because there is a limit on the number of TENs that can be granted annually for any premises.

3.The Hirer agrees:

With the Shackleford Centre to be present during the hire and to comply fully with this Hire Agreement.

4. The Hirer agrees:

That the Standard Conditions of Hire together with any additional conditions imposed under the Premises Licence (see clause 2.3) or by the Shackleford Centre management committee shall form part of the terms of this Hire Agreement unless specifically excluded by agreement in writing between the Shackleford Centre and the Hirer.

5.The Hirer agrees:

None of the provisions of this Agreement are intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named as a party to this Agreement.


(Please tick) I agree to the terms and conditions of hire as set out in this agreement and elsewhere on this website including those for Covid-19