Covid-19 Secure Venues

The Village Hall is a Covid-19 Secure Venue. When visiting the Hall please use the NHS Covid-19 App in support of NHS Test and Trace whenever possible.

We are currently open under Tier 2 Regulations

When booking the Hall you will be agreeing to additional terms and conditions set out in the Hirer’s Responsibilities to make the Hall as safe as possible. Pleased read these carefully and ensure that you are happy to undertake these responsibilities with and on behalf of the attendees at your event. Whilst providing as much support and guidance as we can, responsibility for adhering to government regulations and guidelines rests with the Hirer.

We cannot make the Hall risk-free. However, by adhering to government guidelines and implementing an enhanced cleaning regime we can minimise the risk. We have engaged a professional cleaning company to improve our cleaning regime and provide advice on the best cleaning products and methods. The company is certified in Infection Control and Bio-fogging and you can find more useful information on their website. We will clean the Hall regularly, at least twice weekly, and carry out bio-fogging before we reopen and regularly thereafter. We will be using different cleaning methods and further information is provided in the document Cleaning by Hirers. Unfortunately we cannot clean the Hall after every hire so we are asking hirers to help us by cleaning high-contact surfaces.

In the unlikely event that someone develops symptoms whilst at the Hall we have set aside the Green Room with First Aid and PPE and instructions on how to deal with the situation.

Please read the following documents carefully.

For the time being we are only hiring the Hall to regular hirers, and others that we know and trust, in order to limit exposure and ensure that the precautions are working.  As you know, the situation and guidelines are changing frequently and it may be necessary to change the terms and conditions accordingly. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, suggestions or best practice from other venues, please let us know.

Thank you for using the Village Hall and supporting us as we move forward. We are confident that with your cooperation we can minimise the risk and continue to enjoy use of the Hall.

Protective and preventive measures that underpin Covid-19 Secure Status

    • Minimise contact with individuals showing symptoms: Nobody should attend the premises if they have symptoms; are self-isolating due to symptoms in their household; in quarantine or living with someone in quarantine.
    • Actively promote hygiene measures: especially hand washing. Sanitiser will be provided at the entrance, by the keybox, and sanitiser and soap within the premises, with paper towels or hot-air driers in toilets and kitchens.
    • Respiratory hygiene: Everyone needs to be encouraged to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose. Catch it, bin it, kill it…then wash your hands.
    • Enhanced, regular cleaning, especially of surfaces that are touched frequently: including door handles, handrails, tabletops, sinks, toilet areas, kitchen surfaces. Cleaning products and guidelines are provided. To minimise the need to touch doors, certain internal doors will be held open and we recommend that the first person to arrive hooks the entrance open until everyone has arrived.
    • Maintain social distancing where possible: Social distancing guidelines currently require at least 2 metres to be maintained between individuals and groups of up to 2 households. If this is not possible, then 1 metre plus other mitigation measures. Bookings can be accepted for events where social distancing can be maintained and where distancing less than 2 metres is minimised and transitory. Certain types of events cannot yet be held and you will advised if this the case for your booking.